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Commodity markets are kind of like a soap-opera where there is no beginning or end to the story. Market analysis is ongoing too. Below are some examples of material covered. Please click here for more information. I'd be happy to send you a specific research report.

December 2020
01: Canola Advisory
01: Wheat One Pager
02: House Cleaning Notes (Barley, Oats, Flax, Peas)
03: CAD One Pager
03: Select Canada Supply Demand (and comments)

November 2020
04: Too Early to Start Downtrend
05: Canola Question and Observations
06: Lentil Observations
07: Preliminary 2021 Durum Diagnosis
10: More Commodity Thoughts
10: Highlights USDA Report
11: Canola Questions and Answers
12: One More Must Watch Chart (also Wheat, Weaker Cash)
13: More Lentil Thoughts
16: Mulling 2021 Seeding Choices. A look through a Demand Lens
17: Saudi Buys Barley
18: Canola One Pager
20: Morning Observation Grain Handle and Demand Bull
23: Select Charts (Pea, Canola, Vegoil, India Pulse, Wheat)
24: Tunisia Buy Durum
26: Structural Barley Shift Underway
26: Ahead of Stat Can Dec 3 Production Report (Margin Compression)
27: Most Important Fundamental Nugget This Week is This
28: Question & Answer (Barley, Wheat basis, Lentils, Canola)

October 2020
01: 1 Pager Canada Clean Fuel Standard
02: Walking on Eggshells An Opinion
05: Keep This in Mind about Wheat
06: Question and Answer
07: Morning One Pager Sound of the Vacuum
07: Canada Grain Stock Changes for those that care about numbers
09: A Thought Ahead of Todays USDA Report
09: Preliminary Take USDA report 75 min after release
11: Thoughts on Canadian Dollar
14: Basis Demand What Would It Take for a 9 bu Yellow
14: Notables (Corn, Demand Pull, Are Farmers Not Selling)
15: Any Guidance for 2021 Plantings
16: Domestic Barley ObservationUsers Need A Plan for This Possibility
16: Canola One Pager
19: Feed Grain Oddities
19: What Do Provincial Gov Crop Report Yields Imply
20: Sales Snapshot where decision is about price and price alone
21: Turkey Lowers Cereal Import Duty Connection to Durum and Red Lentils
21: A Real Time Checklist - Characteristics of Demand Bull
26: Evening Thoughts (Canola Lentils Peas)
28: Morning Thought
28: India extends Lower Import Tariff
29: Tackling CWRS Wheat Basis
30: Canola If Looking for Bearish Demand Contribution
30: Durum 1 Pager
31: China Found these price charts

September 2020
01: Chickpea One-Pager
01: India Tariff Reverts Back to Former
02: Field Pea One-Pager
03: What's Catching My Eye (Durum, Red Lentil, Canola)
04: Select Canada SD Part 1 Understanding Demand Bull Markets
04: Canada Supply Demands Part 2 (Grain and Oilseeds)
07: Monday Evening Weather Note
08: Canada Supply Demands Part 3 of 3 (Pea Lentil Mustard Canary)
10: Observations (CA$, barley, Canada crop, Canola, Demand-Bull, La Nina)
11: Tunisia Buys Durum
11: Take Aways of USDA Report Opinion
12: La Nina Tendencies you must know that are relevant to Western Canada
14: Preliminary Stat Can
14: Follow-Up Stat Can with speculated flaw and some Supply-Demands
14: Canola - Major Chart Resistance Within 10 per tonne
16: Canola Reminder Also engaging immediate shift in causation thinking
17: Lay of Land Snapshot by Commodity (Part 1 of 2)
18: India Lentil Tariff News
18: Lay of Land Part 2 Grain and Oilseed
18: Tunisia Buys Durum View and Opinion
19: Lentil One Pager
22: Saudi Buys Feed Barley Relevance to Canada Price Discovery
23: Canola One Pager
24: Flax One Pager
25: 1-Pager Peas Durum
27: Crop Update and Comments
30: Canada Wheat Basis Observation
30: 1 Pager USDA Grain Stock Report

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