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Commodity markets are kind of like a soap-opera where there is no beginning or end to the story. Market analysis is ongoing too. Below are some examples of material covered. Please click here for more information. I'd be happy to send you a specific research report.

March 2020
03: Soap Opera Extends (wheat, durum, oilseeds)
06: Global Turmoil - More Relevance Thought to our Ag Space
08: Commodity Turmoil Intensifies (with a new variable)
10: Durum Blender
11: Base Case Expectation
15: Is it Armageddon Can be Serious all the time (Currency Note)
16: Is India Too Wet
17: Tunisia Buys Durum
18: Many Moving Parts Engaged
19: Simplified CWRS Cash Wheat Outlook
19: Canola Its a Carbon Copy
20: Take Away From This Week
21: Sask Crop Insurance - Discussion of Pricing Choice
22: Western Canada 2019 Acreage Density Maps
23: Market Thoughts - Staying The Course
24: Questions and Answers
26: Durum Observation
26: Green Lentil Comment - India Tender
28: Crop Budget Update Part 1
29: Crop Budget Ideas Part 2 of 2

February 2020
03: Ahead of Stat Can Grain Stock Report
04: Follow Up to Jan 3020 Oilseed Report
05: Highlights Stat Can Grain Stock Report
05: Grain Stock Addendum
06: Canada Select Supply Demands
06: Lentil Update - Behavior Inconsistent with a Bull
11: Canadian Dollar Risk Management
11: USDA Report Preliminary
11: Durum - The Opportunity to Put-Up or Shut-Up is next 45 Days
13: Simple Answer to Complex Coronavirus Question
13: Alberta 2020 Barley Acreage to be Upwardly Skewed
14: Managing China - It's a Perception Casino
18: Turkey Durum Tender Kicks the Can Again
19: Crop Margin Update
20: Observation Must Think Differently
24: Market Observations
25: Big Picture Pulse Thoughts
27: 2020 Acreage Choice Question Answer
29: Commodity Thought - Too Late for 1920 Demand to Recover

January 2020
01: Gearing Up to Sell A Few Things
03: Relevance of Todays Action
06: Red Lentil Update
07: Durum Update - Broad Guidance Refinement
10: Highlights USDA Report
13: Observations (Durum, Lentils, Peas)
15: Turkey Durum Buy Kicks the Can - Guidance Offered
15: China Does A China
17: Tunisia Buys Durum
18: Crop Budget Ideas
22: Wheat and Green Lentils
23: Marketing Flow Chart - Updated
25: Sales Position Update
26: Canadian Dollar Update
28: Saudi Arabia Buys Feed Barley
30: Broad Pulse Thoughts
30: Jan 3010: Oilseed Take
31: Learning Points from Melt Downs

December 2019
04: Preliminary Stab at 2020 Canada Acreage
04: Sales and Cash Flow Planning
05: Ahead of StatCan Report
06: Preliminary Stat Can - The Numbers
06: Refining Durum View
08: Dec 0818: Canada Wheat Supply Demand and Comment
08: Barley Oats Rye Supply Demand and Comments
10: USDA report a yawner (wheat, durum, soy, canola)
11: Really Short Canola Diagnosis
12: Really Only One Thing to Figure-Out with China/US Deal
12: Pea and Lentil Thoughts
14: Tunisia Buys Durum (Wylie Coyote Moment Defined)
16: Think Its Kooky Now It has Just Begun
18: Peas India Does It Again
19: More on Peas and India
24: Merry Xmas Report (Part 1 of 2) China
26: Merry Xmas Report (Part 2 of 2)
27: Why Wheat is Being Frisky
31: Red Lentil Update

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