Commodity markets are kind of like a soap-opera where there is no beginning or end to the story. Market analysis is ongoing too. Below are some examples of material covered. Please click here for more information. I’d be happy to send you a specific research report.

February 2021

02: Kabuli Chickpea Core Trend
05: Take Away Stat Can Grain Stock Report
07: Canada Supply Demands with Trend Commentary
10: India Changes Import Tariff Calculation
12:  Western Canada 2020 Acreage Density Maps
12: Lentil Update
14: Feed Barley Update
16: Renewable Fuels to Shift Vegoil Demand – A must canola read
18: Canola Thought – Guidance on new crop
18: Wheat Update – Different year ahead for reasons that aren’t obvious
19: Tunisia Buys Durum – Implications

January 2021

04: Lentil Lay of the Land
10: Barley Update
11: If Seeding Happened Today
12:  How to Think Post USDA Report
16: Algeria Looks to Have Bought Durum
16: Red Lentil 1-Pager
18:  A Little More Depth on Wheat
21:  Urea Update
23: Tunisia Buys Durum
30: Budgetable Prices

December 2020

01: Wheat One Pager
02: House Cleaning Notes (Barley, Oats, Flax, Peas)
03: CAD One Pager
03: Select Canada Supply Demand (and comments)
04: Feed Barley Observation and Reminder
08: Morning Observation (How to Interpret S America Weather)
08: Canola Update Feels Different This Time
08: Evening Observations Question Answer
11: Wheat One Pager (Russia Tax Proposal Explained)
11: Yellow Pea Two Pager
12: Some US Corn Import Perspective (into W Can)
14: Durum One Pager
15: New crop feed barley
16: Lentil One Pager
16: Tunisia Buys Durum
18: Morning Notes (Market Spunk, China Price Grid, Mustard, Barley)

November 2020

04: Too Early to Start Downtrend
05: Canola Question and Observations
06: Lentil Observations
07: Preliminary 2021 Durum Diagnosis
10: Highlights USDA Report
11: Canola Questions and Answers
12: One More Must Watch Chart (also Wheat, Weaker Cash)
13: More Lentil Thoughts
16: Mulling 2021 Seeding Choices. A look through a Demand Lens
17: Saudi Buys Barley
20: Morning Observation Grain Handle and Demand Bull
23: Select Charts (Pea, Canola, Vegoil, India Pulse, Wheat)
24: Tunisia Buy Durum
26: Structural Barley Shift Underway
26: Ahead of Stat Can Dec 3 Production Report (Margin Compression)
27: Most Important Fundamental Nugget This Week is This
28: Question & Answer (Barley, Wheat basis, Lentils, Canola)