Commodity markets are kind of like a soap-opera where there is no beginning or end to the story. Market analysis is ongoing too. Below are some examples of material covered. Please click here for more information. I’d be happy to send you a specific research report.

June 2021

02:  Crude Oil Comment
02:  Urea Outlook
04: Understanding Ridging and Troughing
06: Select Acreage Density Maps
07: Pulse Update
16: Statements & Fine Tuning
22: Feed Barley Update
24: Demand Altering Thinking Points
26: Spring Wheat Perspective

May 2021

02:  Follow Cash Signals
06: Top 3 What to Look for Shifts
07: Highlights Stat Can Grain Stock Report
09: Lentils Still Exhibiting Demand Bull Traits
10: Weather Pattern Shift
15: India Pulse Policy Tweak
17: Feed Barley Update
20: Wheat Observation
25: Angle on Canada Canola Demand
27: Algeria Looks to Have Bought Durum
28: Canada 24-25 Canola Supply Demand
29: Understanding a Wheat Spread Signal
31:  Lentil Update

April 2021

04: Note on India Covid & Pulses
10: Wheat Did USDA Report Teach Us
13: Select Canada Supply Demands
14:  Algeria Looks to Have Bought Durum
15:  Mulling Final Seeding Choices?
22:  Does Stat Can Acreage Report Matter?
23: Canola Ramble
24: Understanding Cycles With Red Lentils
26: Wheat Ramble
28: Canada Canola Crush Capacity
29: Canadian Dollar Update
29: Soil Moisture Map

March 2021

01: Most Important Pulse Charts to Watch
02: Confidence Meter
04: Take Aways from Algeria Durum Buy
06: Lentil Update – What has to Happen for Higher Price
07: Kabuli Chickpeas – Price Objectives Established
08: Inflation and Energy
10: Flax Update
11: Transition to New Crop Can be Tricky
16: Rye Update
18: Tunisia Durum Buy – Another Old Crop Clue
20: Sask Crop Insurance – Selection Guideline
26: Crop Budget Prices
28: Market Fatigued and Why
30: Feed Barley Update – Link to World Price Slump