India extending tariff free yellow pea imports by four months to Oct 31-24 and dropping chana (desi chickpea) duty from 66% all in to zero with no official deadline, during a national election, is a sign of need.  No change to Kabuli chickpea import policy.

Many moving parts here including India being positioned to crop year front load Canada and Russia, positional expectation if tariff will be extended beyond Oct 31, lower caliber Kabuli tradeflow shifts/substitution, China pea response.  Russia and Canada will have about two months of opportunity to participate with new crop.  Know that India domestic peas are about US $250/t cheaper today than the first Dec 7-23 pea policy change, meaning replication of $14/bu Saskatchewan seems unrealistic.  More studying needed but for now, safe to assume yellow peas shouldn’t start a downtrend.